CrossWise provides counsel and assistance on all aspects of franchising, licensing, and distribution law. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to give franchisees, franchisors, manufacturers and suppliers practical advice and realistic solutions for every business challenge. The Firm practice specifically relates to licensing and development, regulation, compliance, and dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

In this area CrossWise provides services to clients in all matters relating to:

a. Becoming a franchisee and evaluating a franchise opportunity.

b. Structuring a new franchise, including partnership, shareholder, and operating agreements.

c. Review and provide advice to prospective franchisees regarding Franchise documents.

d. Leases, confidentiality agreements, construction agreements and other ancillary agreements.

e. Renewing existing franchise agreements.

f. Franchise sales and transfers, and Asset Purchase Agreements.

g. Contract enforcement and termination issues.