Companies and individuals in business are increasingly focused on protecting their marks from misappropriation and misuse in order to build a reputation in the relevant market and allow consumers to more efficiently make decisions in that market. The business trademarks not only consist of words and logos but also include trade (or package) dress, sounds, colors, product configurations, and scents. They are used to retain consumer’s confidence in the goods and services they offer.

We work with early-stage businesses that need help launching a brand as well as with already established companies that need help in managing and protecting their brands. The Firm’s services include:

a. Clear proposed trademarks and service marks by searching state, federal, and foreign registers.
b. Prepare and prosecute registration applications.
c. Protect and register names and marks on the Internet.
d. Prepare assignments and other transactions.
e. Pursue and defend PTO opposition and cancellation proceedings.
Handle foreign protection and compliance with the TRIPS, GATT, and other treaties.
f. Pursue and defend the trademark, trade dress, unfair competition, deceptive advertising, and unfair trade practices actions.
g. File registrations with the U.S. Customs Service.