Businesses that regularly consult an attorney often find their litigation matters are largely prevented or resolved easily. At our firm, we provide a number of services to help individuals and small to medium-sized companies evaluate their initial business concept, develop a game plan, and get off on the right foot. We also advise clients on having proper insurance coverage, obtain Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Services as well as Payroll Processing, and make every effort to guide our clients in preventing situations that result in litigation. When disputes and conflicts arise, however, we are ready to defend our clients’ interests.

Our services include an initial consultation, preparing initial budget and financial projections, advice on entity type and tax structure, filing for Federal and State Tax ID Numbers, and more.

    a. Entity selection

The business entity type that you choose will determine the type of income tax return you will be required to file. Depending on your immigration status, we can help you decide if it would be best to set up as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation, S-corporation, etc.

    b. Incorporation and Filling Services

What sometimes seems to be an easy process can turn into a significant one. Let our expert corporate specialists assist you with your incorporations, LLC’s and other entity filings. We can prepare the documents for you, send them over for signature and then handle the filing. Take the unknown part out of your day and let us handle it for you.

    c. Federal Tax ID Number

Your new business will need to establish Federal ID number that will be used for filing taxes and various forms. We can help walk you through this, easing the need to cut through much red tape.

    d. Register Agent Services and Service of Process Handling

When forming a business, state statutes require you to designate a registered agent and, sometimes, a registered office. This allows the state to have an official contact with the company so they can communicate important annual filings and changes in entity requirements.

The Registered Agent acts as the representative for receiving Service of Process on behalf of a company in those states where the company conducts business, including but not limited to, legal proceedings, litigation, legal notices, or official government correspondence delivered to the company and various compliance documents. If a company fails to designate and maintain a registered agent it may be penalized by the state for non-compliance (no longer in “good standing”). The State may revoke the company’s authority to do business within the state and impose fines and penalties. The failure to maintain a registered agent may also limit a company’s ability to legally enter into contracts and utilize the protection of state courts.

Establishing a registered agent is a vital step to ensure that the company is legitimate and qualified to do business within the state. Serving as a Florida Registered Agent, unlike an employee or another individual for whom acting as a registered agent is only one of many responsibilities, CrossWise does not quit, go on vacation, relocate, become ill, or worse. Since our Firm handles the Registered Agent responsibilities for business entities of all types, there is never any guesswork with the process of handling a Service of Process.

    e. Jurisdictions

Crosswise understands that every client and need is different for each. This is why we can guide you and support your needs, providing a variety of corporate services in any of the Estates in the US or Off-shore jurisdictions such as Anguilla, Belize, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman, Panama, Switzerland, among others, in accordance with the highest standards of security and requirements.